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Pinned topic HX5 with QL CNA fails to boot off mirrored SAN volume

‏2012-11-21T09:30:49Z |
I have V7000 global mirror between primary and DR site. I have 2 identical HX5s in Bladecentre H chassis. Each has Qlogic 8142 CNA. Each chassis has 2 x 4001 FCoE modules uptream to 5020 and then MDS9513 sitches which contain the storage ports.

I have a W2K8 R2 x64 Ent server booting off SAN in the primary site, this is mirrored to DR. I am attempting to boot the mirror of C: on the DR HX5, fails every time. The server sees no bootable hard disk 0.
I have zoned the equivalent ports (4 paths) on the V7000s to the CNA (both ports are up/up on the fabric and up on the 5020)
Both servers are on the same (current) firmware levels.

QLogic BIOS is enabled and can see the LUN and is selected as the boot LUN.

If I attach a clean vDisk from the same storage using the same zoning and build an OS from ISO I am successful and have a bootable C: that I can unmap and remap and still boot from.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated