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Pinned topic SPSS .net plugin is awfully slow - Performance issues

‏2012-11-21T04:32:45Z |
Hi All,

The plugin works fine with .NET 4.0 and SPSS v21.0

However, if I were to read a SPSS file with say 10,000 rows and 300 columns it takes more than a minute to read the data. Is this normal?

//Code segment

Dim dt As DataTable = SpssConvert.ToDataTable("Your SAV file")

I have noticed that SPSS reads the file within a couple of seconds, so does another software called Q for the same file.

Therefore, why would the .NET plugin take such a long time to read large .sav files in a .NET application?

Any help will be much appreciated.


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    Re: SPSS .net plugin is awfully slow - Performance issues

    Just to clarify on my earlier post -
    When using the SPSS .net plugin in a .NET application it takes ages to read a SPSS file. (more than a minute for a file with >10000 records)
    However, SPSS takes only a couple of seconds if we were to directly read the file off SPSS.