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Pinned topic Multipe War In a Single Ear File.

‏2012-11-20T14:48:37Z |
We are using Portal 7.0.
Out client using many application application. All the application have seprate war file. we frequently update desired application just by updating the specific war file.

Now we are planning to Pack All the War files in a single Ear File so that All the War can share the same set of classess.

Q: What is the recumended way to do this ?
Q: What are the consideration on Both Administration Site and Development Side ?

Share any link/Doc to understand the process.


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    Re: Multipe War In a Single Ear File.


    You may get more informed responses but while you wait, two cents from me.
    Packaging stuff into ear is a best practice in itself so if you are following the basic JEE recommendations, you are good to go.
    Any specific concern you have in mind?