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Pinned topic concurrency problem

‏2012-11-20T13:13:56Z |
i just configured db2 remote database and ran setdbtype and pointed wcs to db2 remote

database successfully.i just have db2 admin credentials. i have another wcs system and it

also should use the same db2 database.

is it advisable to ran the setdbtype with same credentials for other client.
*is it lead to any concurrency problem ?*Note:
i ran setdbtype in the other system also ,but when one system is performing the dataload,

the other system unable to publish a store...

error is

User CMN3101E The system is unavailable due to "{0}".

System An invalid cookie was received for the user, your logonId may be in use by another user.
any suggestions or advice will be helpful.

please help me
thanks in advance.