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Pinned topic RCP - Update site & the JRE

‏2012-11-20T00:36:23Z |
The is what I understand about the HATS RCP Client.

In order to use a RCP client you must have a JRE installed on the workstation. For HATS this JRE must match the level of JRE that the HATS RCP application was built for. For example if you use JRE 1.6 to build the HATS RCP application you must also install the 1.6 JRE on the client workstation.

Let's say that you built the original HATS application with JRE 1.5 and later need to switch to JRE 1.6. I can do that, but is there any automated way via the Eclipse Update site to automatically have the JRE updated? I've read everything I can find and it appears that this cannot be done. Can anyone confirm, or better yet provide a link to some document that discusses this issue?
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    Re: RCP - Update site & the JRE

    The HATS update site that is created for deploying the HATS RCP app has nothing to do with the JRE, it only deploy HATS specific files. When running a HATS RCP app in an eclipse client, the JRE used will be the system JRE. So there is no way to update the JRE via an update site since you would be required to update the system JRE itself and not some component of eclipse. This would require a normal JRE update like you would do for any system running Java.
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    Re: RCP - Update site & the JRE

    When I have been away from a topic for a while I always do my research, reach a conclusion, then look for validation or correction.

    Thank you for validating my conclusion.