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‏2012-11-19T23:06:01Z |
Is it possible once the instance is completed to make it visible to all users belonging to a group, for instance the initial participant group?
The user would like to be able to make search within the completed instances.
thanks for your help.

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  • kevinaCMG
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    Re: Completed instances

    Hi Cedric,

    I have run into this issue before. There is no way (that I know of) to change this after the instance has been completed. I have solved this problem by creating a dummy human service in a swimlane with all the relevant users, with a timer event attached to it. Once the token moves to the step, it assigns the task to all of the users. You then have the timer event immediately fire, which closes the dummy task and moves the token to the real process step. The trick is, the first dummy task was still assigned to everyone on the team, so now everyone can pull up that particular instance in a search and view the instance details page.

  • SystemAdmin
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    Re: Completed instances

    I think that the main question here is that you still want to have the processes data visible after they are completed. But that doesn't have exactly to do with creating instances to "see" them. What happens if anyone in your organization could possibly need to query those processes?
    I think that I'd solve this in a different way, actually I did it since my first implementation. You probably need to think about your process data lifecycle (call it record management, case management or whatever) and that could be something as easy has having a database where to store the process data (which could have a lifecycle completly different from the instance itself). And you need to think about exposing that data with some UIs. Actually I use the same UIs that normally could be used when executing tasks for those instances, but now on "read-only" mode, meaning that the (authorized) users are only able to query those processes and its data (not changing anything because the process is completed).
    And with that you can also clean from the BPM engine the completed instances making it lighter. Maybe you want to maintain them from a while to be able to use the inspector if you need to "debug" any kind of issue but after that just clean them because you have all the data stored. And also, you can offer different ways of searching those processes and optimize the searches because you now have a database that can be tunned and optimized. Besides all that, you can reduce the ammount of data that you need "inside" the instance itself. That could be really important if you have a huge amount of data related with the process that you need to store and retrieve. Think that the instance data is "just" and XML BLOG on the database...