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Pinned topic CC/CQ ucm integration (cqintsrvr11.exe) triggers

‏2012-11-19T19:06:11Z |
We have a Windows ClearCase and ClearQuest with a UCM integration. Using the full client installs.

One of our biggest complaints from users is some of our triggers fire and they have to type the user name and password with each time it fires.

The integration encrypts the user name and the password it would be nice if the user is logged in to use those values.

Is there any way to access the ClearCase/ClearQuest integration (cqintsrvr11.exe) from an external script or application.
I know I can create a new CQ session in Perl or VB but I’m looking for a way to avoid continually prompting users for their CQ User name and password. (and the requirement is to write to the record using the users account)

Is there a way to do this?

Thank you, any ideas appreciated!!!
It would be so nice if it was like CC taking the login information.
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  • Tgefen
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    Re: CC/CQ ucm integration (cqintsrvr11.exe) triggers

    ‏2012-11-20T04:29:48Z  in response to cody
    Can you specify Windows version you use? Do you have local admin on these hosts?

    Tamir Gefen, GoMidjets
    • brcowan
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      Re: CC/CQ ucm integration (cqintsrvr11.exe) triggers

      ‏2012-11-20T17:18:30Z  in response to Tgefen
      I would also recommend using Process Monitor to see what registry keys the CC/CQ UCM integration server is trying to update or access. You may be able to make this work via registry permissions...

      If you go this route, please DO NOT run the Process Monitor trace while performing the operations in a local view. You have a better than 80% chance of getting a BSOD if you do. (Near 100% unless you are using a view registered with a UNC "host path" to avoid some other "interesting" MVFS issues on Windows...) Use a remotely stored view (NAS-stored or a view on a different host) to run the process monitor trace.

      And before you ask, yes, the BSOD issue -- among others -- is being worked on as part of a redesign of the Windows MVFS.

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