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Pinned topic load balancing a JMS Export

‏2012-11-19T17:36:58Z |
We have a mediation module in WPS, receiving events for processing through a JMS export, which continuously monitors for any messages in WMB system for processing. Currently we are configuring a load balancer for WPS on 9080 port. I know that it is not going to load balance the mediation module containing JMS export. But would like to know if it can actually be load balanced?

Thanks in advance.
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    Re: load balancing a JMS Export

    You shouldn't need any load balancing for messaging applications. The msg is dropped on a queue and multiple readers can receive from that queue providing you load balancing.

    If you're on a v6.x release then you need to have a remote messaging engine to allow load balancing across recievers in a cluster (hence silver and golden topologies). in v7 even a bronze topology will allow multiple receivers across a cluster.