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Pinned topic load balancing in a cluster

‏2012-11-19T17:12:19Z |
We have got a application containing 2 modules/deployable project in a clustered environment.(node1(dmgr is in node1) and node2)

module 1 is exported as a JMS
module 2 is exported as a webservice.

The module1 communicates with external systems and does some transformation and invokes module 2 via the WSDL.
Since the module2 is within the same server do I still need to route calls from module 1 via load balancer or I if I am mentioning it as localhost will it actually does a load balancing(module 1 request came via server2 so it will invoke module2 on server 2 and complete or it will goto server 1(as dmgr is in node1 and considers server1 as local host)?).

Thanks in advance.