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Pinned topic What AlarmThreadMo trying to tell?

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I am using WAS8 in my work, and doing a stress test on my app using JMeter. I found something interesting that whenever JMeter failed a test, SystemOut.log will show this weird error message. Searching in Google doesn't give much information, may I know is this cause by programmer error or I need to download patches for WAS8?

11/8/12 15:11:54:596 MYT 00000906 AlarmThreadMo W UTLS0008W: The return of alarm thread "Deferrable Alarm : 4" (00000907) to the alarm thread pool has been delayed for 37691 milliseconds. This may be preventing normal alarm function within the application server. The alarm listener stack trace is as follows:
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    Re: What AlarmThreadMo trying to tell?

    You should see earlier messages about a thread being in use for "too long", the earlier message will tell you what the thread was doing.

    It could be e.g. session invalidation.