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Hi All ,

i have a scenario, suppose i have three services i.e. Parent, child1 and child2, , i used the auto popup rules to create all these using autopopup rule i created a service name "north" under child1 and again using different autopopup rule i created a service name north under child2 with some additional child services like north1,north2 and north3, so these additional child nodes of child2 i.e. (north1,north2 and north3) appears automatically under child1--north because the service name is same , is there any method using which i can restrict these child nodes of child2-north to not appear automatically under child1-north.
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    Hi, the instance name of the service is what uniquely defines the service, so in one of your autopop rules you'd need to make the instance name be something other than "north". You could make the display name be north so it will show up as "north" in the UI, but since the instance name is different, its children will not show up under the other "north" service.