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Pinned topic PowerVM express VIO SERVER LPAR not displaying

‏2012-11-17T17:30:34Z |
Hi all,
I would apreciate very much your help.
The issue is the following:
  • P-720 with Power VM Express.
  • Needed 1 LPAR VIO and 1 LPAR IBM i
  • Power comes with a preinstalled partition.
When I try to start this partition (is showed as AIX / Linux) it appears the following:
Welcome to the Virtual I/O Server.
boot image timestamp: 09:28:21 06/26/2012
The current time and date: 15:04:21 11/17/2012
processor count: 4; memory size: 15552MB; kernel size: 28433996
boot device: /pci@80000002000000a/pci1014,0339@0/sas/disk@0:2

I/O hosting requires a hosting partition - boot not permitted.
EXIT called ok
0 >

So , I suppose it is because the partition is not set up as VIO but i cannot change.

Anyway, When I try to create a new LPAR only shows partition type AIX/linux or IBM i.

Should I purchase something to get LPAR VIO. I check in properties and it is FALSE in the option Virtualization. In the features of Power VM Express is written that VIO server is supported. How should I do it?
I try to do everything with a HMC but I know it is not supported with power VM express. COuld be this?
If yes, How can I use the IVM? As far as I know, the IVM is in VIO server and I cannot install it.
Anyway, the HMC is able to see the power and start it and stopped. I know there are some features (like micropartition) I can not perform with HMC.

Thanks in advance.

All the best,

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    Re: PowerVM express VIO SERVER LPAR not displaying


    Have you activated PowerVM ?. If not follow the step in the below link
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    Re: PowerVM express VIO SERVER LPAR not displaying

    HMC does not fully support PowerVM Express today. To use PowerVM Express, you need to use IVM instead. However, you cannot just use IVM if you have already connected an HMC. You will have to initialize the configuration from the HMC and permanently disconnect the HMC. The system cannot be "HMC managed".