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Pinned topic Depreciaton is running even after life time

‏2012-11-17T17:26:16Z |
Hi Experts,

I have an issues during my implementation of Cognos Controller 10.1.

Can you please help me on this, I used E125 journal for Depreciation of Plant&Machinery. While working on this am getting a problem i.e., even after the completion of the life time the depreciation is going with negative values.
Plant&Machinery- 100 depreciation 25% on 31/12/2011

For 1212 period the OB is 75
1312 period the OB is 50
1412 period the OB is 25
1512 period the OB is 0 as per concept it has to end to this period but for
1612 period the OB is taking -25
1712 period the OB is taking -50
I am facing this which is creating a wrong results. Please help me on this.

Thanks & Regards,