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‏2012-11-17T00:12:31Z |
I believe that intelliden as a product supported NETCONF. From the manuals of NCM I can not see where NETCONF is still supported in version 6.3. Does NCM still have native NETCONF capability?
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    Re: NCM and NETCONF

    BradPeters, I believe it isn't so much if NCM has the support but if the device does.

    By default in NCM drivers, pretty much all Cisco devices don't use it, opting instead to use device commands during NCM interactions (in Telnet/SSH sessions). On the other hand, Juniper devices use a mixture of both device commands and XML. I've never used NETCONF directly but I do believe that Juniper XML's are similar to NETCONF.

    Here's a snippet of Juniper's driver script. The code is to read the device's running configuration and NCM sends these directly to the terminal.
    # Running config config.running.01.send=junoscript\r config.running.02.wait=--> config.running.03.send=<?xml version=
    "1.0" encoding=
    "us-ascii"?>\r config.running.04.send=<junoscript version=
    "1.0" junos:key=
    "key">\r config.running.05.wait=--> config.running.06.send=<rpc><get-configuration database=
    "committed"/></rpc>\r config.running.end=</rpc-reply>

    Please let me know if it's similar to NETCONF.