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Pinned topic ICAwES Requirement for IHS

‏2012-11-16T22:17:25Z |
I am involved in a ICAwES installation to utilize the limit license provided with IBM Content Navigator to crawl a FileNet Content Manager repository. The ICN Plug-in will provide search type-ahead and result counts from the FCM repository.

With this type of configuration would IHS still be a requirement? The customer has not installed IHS be default with their environment.

If it is required, could you please help me understand what components are configured to use IHS?

Thank You
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    Re: ICAwES Requirement for IHS

    We can use ICA plug-in without IHS. User can specify the search server address with its port number. For example, you can specify WAS port directly like "http://{hostname}:9080" instead of 80 (default port of IHS).