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Pinned topic 403 error while accessing with only context root

‏2012-11-16T21:01:04Z |
my application (JSF 1.2) is hosted in Websphere 7.0
for static content i have used IHS server.

to enable static content i have disabled file serving option (set to false).

when i access the application with https://dnsname:port/myapp application is giving 403 error

when i access the application with https://dnsname:port/myapp/index.jsp i am able to access the application.

if i enable file serving (set to true) application is working as expected.
means https://dnsname:port/myapp is working as expected.

please help me out
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    Re: 403 error while accessing with only context root

    Why do you think this is HTTP server issue?

    If you have disabled static content on WAS means that WAS will not server static content. But, if the static content is within your application's context root then you will start seeing 403 errors. For using IHS to server static content you have to make the static content assets available under the document root of the HTTP server and your html/jsp should use the IHS server location for these assets.

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