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Pinned topic Is there a way in SQL to get the current member of a table?

‏2012-11-16T19:57:52Z |
I'm trying to write a SQL trigger that will write a record in another table when a specific field is updated. The basics of this work fine, the issue is that I really only want to watch that field in just one of the table's members. The trigger fires (and writes out a record) when the field is updated in any member. If I cannot focus the trigger on a single member then (if possible) I could record the member name in the file that the trigger writes to. Something like "CURRENT DATE" except "CURRENT MEMBER". I have already tried making a trigger against an Alias which points to the appropriate member with no luck and "CURRENT MEMBER" just and error stating "Token MEMBER was not valide." I'm using DB2 on an iSeries, V6R1. Any thoughts?