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Pinned topic Symbols, Styles, and Subtypes

‏2012-11-16T18:22:46Z |
I would like to know if it is possible if I can set and apply the individual styles for symbols that depict a subtyped definition.

For example, Performer (DM2) is the supertype or parent of System (DM2), Role (DM2), and Organization (DM2). I can assign each subtype a different corresponding Symbol depiction (e.g., gears for systems, cluster of people for organization, and a person for role). My question now is how styles are applied. If I set the style (e.g., size) for a System (Performer), it seems to apply the (e.g., size) style to the other symbol depictions as well. It is as though the style for Performer (DM2) is always the dominant style being set/applied.

I would like the System symbols to be bigger than the Organization Symbols, and the Role symbols to be smaller than both. Even though I can manually modify the sizes of all of them, it would help if the 'Apply Styles' function could do this automagically when they are dropped into the workspace. Thoughts?