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Pinned topic Windows Server 2012 on x3500 M2 with ServerGuide 9.23, <ProductKey> problem

‏2012-11-16T16:00:20Z |
We have a standard IBM x3500 M2 server, we'd like to install Windows Server 2012 Standard on it from an MS Action Pack installation kit.
I've downloaded IBM ServerGuide 9.23 and I tried to start installation process with it. Everything goes well until ServerGuide asks to put in Windows Server 2012 installation disk.
After I put in the disk, and ServerGuide launches the Windows installer, the installer gives an error message: Windows cannot read the <ProductKey> setting from the unattend answer file.
I can not continue the installation pocess, beacuse if I click OK, ServerGuide returns and stops the process.
ServerGuide doesn't asks for product key during the preparing process.
I am not sure, what could be the problem. Any ideas, experiences?
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  • DaveQ
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    Re: Windows Server 2012 on x3500 M2 with ServerGuide 9.23, &lt;ProductKey&gt; problem

    Just for reference - the x3500 M2 is not supported by ServerGuide 9.23 or Windows Server 2012.

    The x3500 M3 and M4 are supported.

    ServerGuide 9.23 release notes (see supported systems - x3500 M2 not listed)

    ServerProven OS compatibility guide (see Windows Server 2012 vs. x3500 M2 - not supported)
    but as an experiment only...

    Have you tried using regular installation media? Might be worth it to determine if it's OS media related or not. You can download the 2012 ISO and mount via IMM or burn to a DVD. Either way doesn't change the support statements which could be source of the problem.
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    Re: Windows Server 2012 on x3500 M2 with ServerGuide 9.23, &lt;ProductKey&gt; problem

    Thank you! I've just missed that this server type is not supported by ServerGuide 9.23 and Windows Server 2012.
    Native OS install disk installation was a success without ServerGuide, but no driver updates could be installed to video card or RAID controller or anything, even UpdateXpress can not find driver updates. So I think it's not a good idea to operate Windows Server 2012 on x3500 M2.