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Pinned topic Accessing DB2 in zos using javascript

‏2012-11-16T12:05:06Z |
I am using javascript to fetch data from DB2 on zos. But am getting as follows,

Webpage error details
Message: MicrosoftODBC Driver Manager Data source name not found and no default driver specified

the conenction string am using is

strConn="Driver={IBM DB2 ODBC DRIVER};Database=XXXX;Hostname=xxx;Port=xxx;Protocol=TCPIP;Uid=xxx;Pwd=yyy;";

I have also tried to use Java applet to fetch the data, it is also not working and I could not figure out what problem is as there is no exception or log data.

Has anyone tried to fetch data from DB2(or other data bases in zos) using javascript, kindly help us.
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    Re: Accessing DB2 in zos using javascript

    this looks like a configuration issue.
    make sure you can get the odbc connection working before you try to use in the javascript
    sounds like you need to configure the ODBC data source
    which OS is your server running?: