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Pinned topic Database to CSV File question

‏2012-11-16T12:01:11Z |
We are trying to design an interface where
a) we will periodically update the Database using CSV files, and
b) periodically download all the contents of the database to a CSV file format with a fixed filename

We created a Message Set for the CSV file and could get it working (insert data into the table). But we are facing issues while downloading the entire contents of the database into a single CSV file. (We could get the flow working for a XML output).

If anyone can help with a solution, it would be much appreciated.

MB Version :
Database : DB2

Database COntent :
Two Columns : Column1 and Column2
Desired Output : Filename : Filename.txt (Fixed)
File Content :
ValueM, ValueN, etc
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    Re: Database to CSV File question

    Not possible to diagnose the problem based on that information. We will need to know what you tried, and what happened. 'We are facing issues' doesn't really convey the picture :-)

    I assume that you are using the MRM parser with a TDS format to write the CSV output, so there should be some error messages telling you what went wrong.