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Pinned topic Route node throws warning

‏2012-11-16T10:11:35Z |
Hi All
I have one flow where i am using Route node
JMS input node --> Route node - based on XPath expression for ward to MQ output node or JMS output node
Xpath expression is $Root/XMLNSC/soapenv:Envelope/soapenv:Header/wsa:To/wsa:ReferenceParameters/Destination/QType='JMS'

Route node throwing following warning

Filter table: Filter pattern: The soapenv:Envelope element in XPath $Root/XMLNSC/soapenv:Envelope/soapenv:Header/wsa:To/wsa:ReferenceParameters/Destination/QType='JMS' was not found in the XML Schema

Please help me for this warning..

Ashish Vyas
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    Re: Route node throws warning

    Put a trace node with pattern $Root in front of the router node. This way you know what the message looks like. Apparently you don't have the right path.