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Pinned topic Optim connect server installation error

‏2012-11-16T08:45:37Z |

While installing Optim connect server I'm getting error stating Local folder not found. (screenshot Error02.PNG) This error was happening when i try to install it manually.

Initially I tried installing it as from the package, but it had given error as in screenshot Error01.PNG, by which i had to try installing it manually.

The ODMInstall.log have only the below two entries.

11/15/2012 6:56:34 PM ODM Installation requires the Optim Connect Server to be installed on this system. Please select OK to install it now.
11/15/2012 6:56:51 PM The attempted installation of the Optim Connect Server failed.
I have admin right on the machine and was able to install everything except Optim connect server. I have Optim 8.1, Optim connect Studio, Optim Connect Client installed on my system. The installation was done on my desktop with Windows XP SP3 as the OS. Can someone through some light on this issue?

Thank you..