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Pinned topic xxx?wsdl works but xxx?WSDL does not

‏2012-11-15T23:12:13Z |
Using MessageBroker: Build id: 8.0.0-IFix-20120213_1805

Sorry if this is already answered, but I could not find anything that was the same with searches.

We have a number of flows created from WSDL's that we have imported. They all work and are already in production just fine. But, we are trying to integrate a number of vendor applications into the company now. They all provide the WSDL's that we need to implement for them to send us messages. We implement them and some work and others don't. The vendor applications report that our service is not available. In looking at the logs on our server, what I see is that the services that work appear to request the deployed WSDL like the following:

The services that report that our side is down appear to request the WSDL like the following:

Looks like from their logs, they get a message back from MB saying that GET is not implemented when using the upper case WSDL in the URL.

The vendors of course say that those URL's are the same and our side has to handle both upper and lowercase. Is there a way to resolve this in MessageBroker? I am surprised with the number of SOAP services we have deployed we have not run into this before. But it seems we just pass the WSDL around rather than relying on retrieving it dynamically with our inhouse SOAP services.