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Pinned topic Creating a new category to by operating system?

‏2012-11-15T22:22:02Z |
Good day folks, in Patches for Windows (English) site | Fixlets and Tasks | there are a number of categories "By Source Severity, By Source Release Date, By Site, By Cateogry and By Source". Is there an easy way to create a new category to sort by Operating System? So that this "By Operating System" view will give additional options to sort by different types of Windows (such as Windows XP, Windows 2003, etc..)?

Currently, all the patches for different Windows operating systems are listed in the same category. It is not user friendly.

If I click on By Source Severity | Critical | it shows my all the Windows patches for all kinds of Windows operating systems. It will be nice to break it down by operating system type.

Can this be done?

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  • SystemAdmin
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    Re: Creating a new category to by operating system?

    ‏2012-11-23T03:06:03Z  in response to YorkLy
    Can Filters give you the view you are looking for?
  • XS8G_Sameer_Sameer
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    Re: Creating a new category to by operating system?

    ‏2013-08-23T20:03:30Z  in response to YorkLy

    I am having an exact same problem, Ours is a company which takes care of patching the servers for our customers, Contractually we are only supposed to patch only operating system related patches, we have got more than 300 servers to patch on a per month basis, now since the BIG FIX console is not at all user friendly in this regard as the sub categories like : operating systems -> win 2003, win 2008, win 7 etc etc, and sub categories like microsoft applications like sharepoint, office 2003, office 2007 is missing under the patches for windows site, we are finding a real hard time identifying application and operating system patches, I urge IBM's Tivoli Developers to add these sub categories to the console for the sake of user friendlyness of the product

    Creating filters as said by YORK is not a convincing option for me.


    • liuhoting
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      Re: Creating a new category to by operating system?

      ‏2013-08-27T13:01:15Z  in response to XS8G_Sameer_Sameer

      You're right this is something that should just be in the domain spec and make it easy for users to see on the domain bar what patches are where.

      The plan is to eventually add metadata to all of our fixlets in Enterprise Security about what OS and apps they apply on so you guys can do something like "names of bes fixlets whose (mime field "x-Fixlet-Category" contains "Windows XP") or something and it will come up with a list of all of the XP fixlets. We'd have the same idea for any Windows OS or application patch.

  • jhickman91
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    Re: Creating a new category to by operating system?

    ‏2014-07-09T22:16:49Z  in response to YorkLy

    I think I figured out a way to do this. Create a separate custom site for each OS in your environment. When you setup the Custom Site I recommend selecting Patch Management as the domain. Go to the Computer Subscriptions tab and click the "Computers with match the criteria below" dialog button. From the drop down boxes select OS, contains, and then type in Win7 or Win8 or Win2003, etc. for whatever OS you are wanting to filter by (Hint: Go to Computers, By Retrieved Properties, By OS to see how BigFix names the first part of the OS and use the same). Once this is done and you Save Changes, go to Custom Sites and select the Custom Site you just created. You should start seeing computers added to Subscribed Computers category under your custom site. The problem here is that you are still only able to see the patches a single computer needs one computer at a time. To overcome this you will need to create a new automatic computer group. In my environment I named the new automatic computer group the exact same thing as my Custom Site which was just the name of the Operating System the group was setup for. To do this go to Tools and click Create New Automatic Computer Group. For the Create in site drop down box select the name of the custom site you created, for create in domain you can select whatever you want but I would recommend Patch Management. For the filter duplicate the exact same settings as you used to setup the custom site. Once you save this you can click on Computer Groups in your Custom Site, click on the group name in the upper window, and filter according to whatever makes you happy in the window below. From here you can create you baselines or whatever you usually do. I recommend selecting the Custom Site you created for the create in site drop down list and then selecting Patch Management for the Create in domain drop down box.

    Why isn't the use of Custom Sites better explained anywhere?