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Hi all,

I have recently advised a customer to distribute their tables more evenly over tablespaces to help with backup performance in their SAP EWM system.

They had no problem doing so, but are soon upgrading from version 9.7 to 10.1. Their question was whether the tablespace layout, if they changed it now, would have to be redone after upgrade.

I told them that I saw not reason why this would be the case, but as I'm more performance-oriented, I was wondering if somebody would be kind enough to confirm it for me.

Thanks in advance.
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    Re: Tablspaces after upgrade


    One of the new features in DB2 10 is multi-temperature data, which means that a given table space is spread over different kind/speed of disks.

    A tablespace created over just one disk will not use this feature. However, if you configure it for multiple types of disks, the data will the classified in different sets (hot, warn, cold for example).

    If all data is currently in just one tablespace (or just a few) this feature will not improve any performance at all, because not all data has "multiple temperature".

    Your client should group data with similar characteristic, in order to configure tablespace according to these characteristics. After this grouping, one or some of them will use Multi-temperature, but not all tablespaces.

    I think this is the only new feature related to table space in DB2 10. So, I advise to distribute data across multiple tablespaces.
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    Re: Tablspaces after upgrade


    for further Information "What's new" you will find more Information in SAP-Note 1700631:

    Overview of new functions and their use with SAP applications:
    Automatic reclamation of index space
    Insert time clustering (ITC) tables with automatic space reclamation
    Automatic sampling for automatic runstats
    Enhanced Automatic Table Maintenance
    HADR multiple standby servers with delay
    Integration of the DB2 pureScale feature
    Enhanced monitoring
    Multi-temperature storage
    Enhanced multi-core parallelism
    Adaptive compression
    Log archive compression
    Smart prefetching
    Performance improvements

    Best regards
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    Re: Tablspaces after upgrade

    Thanks very much for the information.


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    Re: Tablspaces after upgrade

    Hi there,

    The information in the DB2 IC is at:
    Data management using multi-temperature storage

    There is also a best practice article:
    Multi-temperature data management

    Hope this helps,