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Announcing IBM InfoSphere Streams v3.0

IBM InfoSphere Streams, Version 3.0 is now announced for availability Friday, November 16 from IBM Passport Advantage Online. Many exciting new capabilities have been added to Streams.

Improved usability with intuitive, visual programming model for analytic applications:

    Drag-and-drop application composition with roundtripping to source code composition
    Data visualization for any stream in a running application and with IBM Data Explorer
    First Steps to simply installations and getting started with first installation
    XML data type support that allows for simpler application development with complex data types
    IBM Information Server adapter that allows exchange of information with IBM InfoSphere DataStage

New accelerators and Toolkits to speed development of custom applications

    Time Series Toolkit
    Geospatial Toolkit
    Messaging Toolkit
    SPSS Toolkit
    Complex Event Processing Toolkit
    IBM Accelerator for Telecommunications Event Data Analytics
    IBM Accelerator for Machine Data Analytics
    IBM Accelerator for Social Data Analytics

To learn more about these capabilities, IBM will host a Developers Conference Webcast, Monday December 3, 2012 from 10:00AM to 6:30PM U.S. Eastern Standard Time, and Tuesday December 4, 2012 from 10:00AM to 6:30 PM U.S. Eastern Standard Time. The Webcast sessions will be recorded and posted to the Streams DeveloperWorks Wiki, similar to the Streams v2.0.0.3 Developers Conference.

Please join us on the web at LotusLive Meetings:
1. Conference ID: 2058889
2. Link to the web conference:
General Access:
IBM employees:

Audio in listen only mode will be available on the Webcast.

For ability to listen and ask questions during Q&A periods, please use the following conference information:
USA Toll-Free: 1-888-426-6840
USA Caller Paid: 1-215-861-6239
For Other Countries:
Participant Code: 7821035

We look forward to sharing details about these new capabilities.

Roger Rea
IBM InfoSphere Streams Product Manager
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    Re: Streams 3.0 announcement and developers conference December 2/3

    Monday December 3 Agenda
    Times are in Central United States time zone

    9:00AM – Welcome and Introduction to IBM InfoSphere Streams Version 3.0 (30 minutes) – Roger Rea

    9:30AM - Installation Improvements (40 minutes) - Laurie Williams

    10:10AM – Streams Console Applications (20 minutes) – Warren Acker

    10:30AM – Streams Console Application Graph (30 minutes) – Michael Pfeifer

    11:00AM - Morning Break (10 minutes)

    11:10AM – Visualization of View Data (35 minutes) – Susan Cline

    11:45AM - Lunch Break (60 minutes)

    12:45PM – SPL Enhancements (70 minutes) – Howard Nasgaard

    1:55PM – Java Operator API Enhancements (30 minutes) – Howard Nasgaard

    2:25PM – Streams Studio (60 minutes) – Pete Nicholls

    3:25PM - Afternoon Break (10 minutes)

    3:35PM – Streams Studio cont'd (60 minutes) – Pete Nicholls

    4:35PM – Overview of BigInsights (45 minutes) – Anshul Dawra

    5:20PM – Wrap-up
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    Re: Streams 3.0 announcement and developers conference December 2/3

    Tuesday December 4 Agenda

    Times are in Central time zone

    9:00AM – Introduction
    9:05AM - Streams Toolkit Landscape (15 minutes) - Mike Branson
    9:20AM - TimeSeries Toolkit (30 minutes) - Bharath Devaraju
    9:50AM – Big Data Toolkit (30 minutes) - Manasa Rao

    10:20AM - Morning Break (10 minutes)

    10:30AM - Geospatial Toolkit (30 minutes) - Mohan Dani
    11:00AM - Messaging Toolkit (30 minutes) – Anjali Agarwal
    11:30AM - Text Toolkit (30 minutes) - Rachit Arora

    12:00PM - Lunch Break (60 minutes)

    1:00PM - Toolkit Enhancements and Database Toolkit (20 minutes) - Paul Bye / Mike Accola
    1:20PM – DataStage Integration Toolkit (25 minutes) - Mike Koranda
    1:55PM – Complex Event Processing (CEP) Toolkit (10 minutes) – Howard Nasgaard

    2:05PM – Miscellaneous Enhancements (10 minutes) – Mike Koranda
    2:15PM – Documentation Updates (10 minutes) – Cindy Maier
    2:25PM – Logging and Tracing (20 minutes) – Jingdong Sun
    2:45PM – Stream Connection Health, Blockage, and Congestion (15 minutes) – Denny Hatzenbihler

    3:00PM - Afternoon Break (10 minutes)

    3:10PM – Introduction to IBM Accelerators (10 minutes) – Raghuram Velega
    3:20PM – Social Data Analytics Accelerator (60 minutes) – Raghuram Velega
    4:20PM – Telecommunications Event Data Analytics Accelerator (60 minutes) – Roger Rea
    5:20PM - Wrap-up