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Pinned topic How to send only 1 message per second?

‏2012-11-15T10:00:09Z |
I need to create an MPGW to send soap requests via http. The endpoint accepts no more than 1 message per second and I need to configure my service, so that it does not send the messages quicker than that. The service will have an MQ-frontsidehandler.

In a test service, I created an SLM-action with a policy of 1 message per second. With this, I can achieve that we send requests in a low frequency. However the downside is that a huge number of incoming messages is moved to the backout queue.

We did not try shaping yet, but it is not our preferred solution, as we fear for memory shortage.

Many thanks in advance for your hints and tips.
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    Re: How to send only 1 message per second?

    If i understand correctly you want to send message to backend on light weight mode( eg one message per every 10 sec) , if so you can set the Polling Interval in your MQ-frontsidehandler to bit high say 45 secs .Doing so you giving enough time before you handler picks up the next message ,this allows your policy to send messages to backend on light weight mode .