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Pinned topic Paste Special is greyed out

‏2012-11-15T05:33:16Z |
I have just l2 weeks ago upgrade the DOORS server to 9.4, Clients are still on 92, 93 or 9.4

For some reason, the paste special is greyed out for all users. We are trying to copy and paste an OLE object from Excel. This used to work about 2 months ago - no one can remember doing this in that period. So I am unsure if its the server upgrade that has caused the issue or some other local hotfix to the PCs - most PCs are running Win XP, Office 2003

Anyone have any idea why paste special no longer is available to us? We need to copy in OLE objects.

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    Re: Paste Special is greyed out

    The obvious first thing to do is check and make sure that "the little things" are correct. Be sure that the OLE is being coppied, and then make sure the users are attempting the Paste Special in the right place (text attribute, NOT in an Object Heading - if in doubt, put a space in first to see what it is).