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Pinned topic Integration flow designer with event server

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Hello All,

I have designed a IFD(Integration flow designer) to call a shell script using a WTX map ( The event designed by IFD is supposed to run for every minute, which in turn would call the WTX map, executing the script by the WTX.

Event Server (every min) ---> MSL (IFD) ---> WTX Map ---> Shell Script

The challenge what I face now is, since the event is been triggered every minute, there is a high possibility that the previous instance of the script is already running, when the fresh instance is triggered, I want to design in such a way that the event is not triggered if the previous event is running already, I see the option of SkipIfBusy in IFD, IBM manuals say the below

"Use the SkipIfBusy setting to ignore the time event trigger if it occurs when a watch instance is already in process. The default value is Yes."

I have tried this as well, and does not seems to be working, is there an other setting that I can make use of in IFD to acheive this, I sure can grep for the process in Unix and try to avoid the parallel run, but it would be really helpful if this can be achieved by IFD and event server itself.

Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Integration flow designer with event server

    Sounds like the map has no control once it executes the script. I believe if you configure the map settings as follows, a map can only be executed as a single instance.

    WorkSpace->File, WorkFilePrefix->MapName


    MapAudit->AuditLocation->File, FileName->Default