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Pinned topic Team manager task reassignment in Process portal

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I need more information on how re-assignment works for Team Manager(TM)'s perspective. From Process Portal you have My Team Performance page where TMs can see tasks of the teams they are managing.
I have the following test scenario:
LDAP groups A, B, C - C is TM of A and B.
Task is assigned to group A. TM can reassign the task to a member of the group, back to pool and another member of the group. However, cannot assign to group B or member of group B.
Continuing on the same task - TM can assign the task to himself, but not to another TM.

The problem is when the task is assigned to both A and B (one participant group that have both LDAP groups), then the TM can assign the task to a member of group B but after that cannot assign it to a member of group A. This is inconsistent behaviour, because sometimes the other way around works. TM can assign the task to A1 and reassign to B1.

Also it is worth mentioning that task assigned to a single person cannot be reassigned to anybody else.

References: - this is from assignee perspective
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    Re: Team manager task reassignment in Process portal

    Hi, Todor,

    That is a great question. I haven't experienced that situation yet, so I hope someone would be able to help !

    About the link you posted, it is written that if my group is expert for a given task, then I should have access to it. Well, I don't have :\. If I am in an expert group for a task, the only way I can see the instance is if somebody mentions me. Even then, I cannot access the task.