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Pinned topic CICS z/OS and ARM4.0

‏2012-11-14T12:03:00Z |
I'm browsing the infocenters and manuals of CICS for a pointer to ARM4.0 (i.e. the open standard Application Response Measurement 4.0, not Automatic Restart Manager). Unable to find any reference. However, CICS definitely supports the standard: when a z/OS LPAR is configured for an ensemble, and WLM starts the GPMP (HVEMCA) STC, CICS is always the first middleware to register. It shows up (most of the time unwanted ;-) ) in the "Hops report" in the unified resource manager. All of these symptoms can mean only one thing: CICS has implemented the ARM4.0 standard.

Now the question is: if CICS is enabled by default for ARM (as is DB2 since version 8), is there a parm that can be set to disable CICS to send out ARM data? If yes, is this switch not too global, that it will disable any form of transaction response time data collection?


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    Re: CICS z/OS and ARM4.0

    Hi Marc,

    I'm afraid there is no global switch to disable CICS from outputting ARM data.


    Adam Coulthard