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Pinned topic A ReporterPLUS HTML output question

‏2012-11-14T12:02:18Z |
Does anyone know if you can control the icon that appears in the table of contents in the html output.
This is because when you write a complicated template it seems to get confused so I was wondering if anyone knew of a way to override the default icons.
Well short of editing the .dat file the toc reads anyway.
I'm not sure what level of complexity throws R+ into a tizz but with some of my templates I get a very interesting mix of icons, it would be nice to have the icons that belong to the stereotypes I'm using appearing as well but to avoid just having random icons would be a start.
I have attached a picture of one of my table of contents, as you can see some but not all of the "folders" appear with "Class" icons, some of the Diagrams have "folder" icons and it all ends up a bit of a patchwork for no readily apparrent reason.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance (for your pity if nothing else)