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Pinned topic RDz and RAA integration

‏2012-11-14T07:22:36Z |
I have 2 questions regarding the Asset Analyzer option in RDz. Initially posted in RDz forum , but got suggessions to post this in RAA forum instream.

1) When I scan (Asset analyzer option) programs from RDz, it is always scanning to the site ‘Mysite’ (RAA installation default). I am not finding options to select the site name and application name while scanning the programs. How this can be done from RDz?

2) I am able to scan programs directly from mainframe without downloading them by using MVS subproject option (after scanning the programs found stored in RAA installation directory). But it is allowing only to scan the entire MVS subproject folder, not the individual program level. Also it is not giving the options for program tree view (disabled only in this case). Is there any way to get these option enabled? I can see these details when I access the scanned programs from RAA directly.
Got a response from RDz forum (for your referance):