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Pinned topic is IBM OpenJPA supports XMLType?

‏2012-11-14T07:19:27Z |
For a new project we are starting (which uses JPA 2 on top of IBM OpenJPA) we need to be able to store XML documents and then query on their content and structure at a later date.

The databases we would like to support are DB2, Oracle and SQLServer.

I know all three DB vendors support native XML querying (using SQL and XQuery like statements) but is there any direct support within IBM OpenJPA for this? In other words, can I write one set of IBM OpenJPA data access code which queries all 3 database types agnostically using a built-in feature of IBM OpenJPA or would I need to code specific queries for each DB type?

I appreciate that I could define the column as a @Lob column and then read all the records, parse and inspect but I was hoping to leverage the power of the DB engine rather than having to do it myself.

For reference we would only ever be using one DB flavour at a time, it's just that we want to be able to support all 3 should we need to.