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Pinned topic Modifying View Properties via "Manage View"

‏2012-11-14T04:03:54Z |
DOORS Version 7.x would allow you to modify the properties of each View via the View > Manage Views menu function. You could select each View, observe it's properties in the General and Advanced tabs and choose to select or deselect a property, then apply that change to the View. Simple & quick!

Circa DOORS version 8.x, this all changed. When using "Manage Views", if a View property was not selected at the time of initially creating and saving the View, it is greyed out and cannot be selected and applied - you can however choose to deselect a selected property and apply that. The only way you can opt to select new View properties is via the View > Save As menu for each individual View - slow and a pain.

This seems counter intuitive when wanting to apply a common property change across multiple views - can anyone recall why they (then Telelogic) did this??
Paul Miller,
Melbourne, Australia
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  • Mary_Schweizer
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    Re: Modifying View Properties via "Manage View"

    Hi Paul,

    You're right! That is annoying! That behavior is still in DOORS 9.4 too (I just checked). The only thing I could find about WHY was this little paragraph:

    "DOORS 8.1 introduces the concept of view inheritance. Many views within a single module are often similar to each other. Perhaps each view looks at the same scope of requirements but with different attributes displayed. View inheritance allows views to be created that share their settings with other views. Any settings not explicitly set in a view can be inherited from a 'parent' view. Now, if the scope changes, the filter can be redefined in the parent and impact several views in a single change."

    It is not very comforting, though.

    Mary Schweizer
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    Re: Modifying View Properties via "Manage View"

    I just made the test and noticed that if you click on "set all" (advanced tab), all the check boxes are set including those that are grayed out...
    Some can be saved, others cannot (compression / current selection)
    Strange behavior but maybe useful to perform what you need?