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Pinned topic ANT task to deploy Java running in WL server?

‏2012-11-13T19:38:37Z |
From reading the documentation, I see that a Worklight Adapter can call in to Java code. The training guide says "After the Worklight Adapter is built and deployed, this JAR file is automatically deployed to a Worklight server".

I was wondering what, if any, command line tasks are there to support deploying the Java code? When I look at the Developer Reference, there's a section on 'Deploying a Project', but that task seems confined to building a WAR file, not actually deploying that WAR file to a Worklight Server. In contrast, the tasks to deploy an Adapter and deploy an Application both reference the Worklight Server that they are being deployed to.

Is there a separate task for deploying that WAR to a Worklight Server? Or should that be done with the app server's tools?

Referenced docs:

Using Java in Adapters

Developer Reference
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    Re: ANT task to deploy Java running in WL server?


    Worklight ant tool does not have task for deploying WAR file to application server as this is not something generic.
    Each application server has it's own properties, configuration and settings, therefore deploying a WAR from a command line is not that simple.
    Each application server's documentation has a chapter on how to automate WAR deployment, e.g.