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Hi, i want to monitor ITCAM for websphere Management server on ITM, events of traps and alerts generated in ITCAM should pop-up in ITM event console. I think it can be achieve through SNMP mesages but i am not exactly sure that what should be done on ITM side.
Please help me out in integrating ITCAM with ITM.
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    Re: Monitoring ITCAM management server

    The best way to integrate ITCAM4WAS with ITM would be to connect your DC (Data Collector) directly with the ITM WAS TEMA: when you install ITCAM4WAS, you install and configure a data collector that runs within WAS - during the config, you have the option to route data to the Management Server or to the ITM WAS TEMA - or to both. By connecting the DC with the TEMA, you can create Situations in ITM that will run against monitoring data from that DC - and will alerts to the ITM Event Console, Omnibus etc.