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Pinned topic BladeCenter H, Cisco IGESM, uplink issues

‏2012-11-12T21:53:19Z |
Okay- I'm new to the BladeCenter arena and the last thing holding up this server implementation is the networking.

I've got one blade installed in bay one, powered on. A blade in in bay 2, but not powered on.

The Blades are HS22 blades with 2 onboard Ethernet ports

The upstream switch is an HP Procurve 2910al gigabit switch. It's default (untagged) VLAN is 1 with tagged VLANs 10,20,30,40 setup and all VLANs are "trunked" (as Cisco calls it) on all uplink ports (to servers, switches, etc.)

With a standard rackmount server, I can connect both Ethernet cables to the HP switch and it works just fine. With the BladeCenter, my understanding is that each IGESM is a "Cisco switch" that is connected to it's respective Ethernet port on each blade (IGESM 1 to the first port, 2 to the second). I can communicate with the network when connected with an uplink from either one of the IGESM modules to the network, but if I run an uplink cable from the other one traffic stops (and the IGESM shuts down the port to protect itself).

What am I missing?
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    Re: BladeCenter H, Cisco IGESM, uplink issues

    Looks like I figured it out and thought I'd post my findings here in case someone else stumbles on this.

    Turns out that VLANs were the issue after all. My uplink/trunk ports were set to allow ALL VLANs to go to/from the rest of the network. Once I restricted the VLANs being sent up/down the trunk to 2-40, the issue ceased. My guess is that there was management traffic flowing between the two IGESMs by way of the network switch that they were wired to.

    Anywho- VLAN 1 was the culprit! Wish they used a different VLAN for internal BladeCenter management traffic.....