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Pinned topic CATPCA Object Scores: possible bug?

‏2012-11-12T21:37:34Z |
Product SPSS version 18 (unsure if the problem is solved in following versions).
I have run a CATPCA and asked SPSS to save the object scores as variables. After observing some counterintuitive results, I compared the SPSS calculated object scores against manually calculated objectscores. The correlation between the two is of about 0,3, and the manually calculated variable behaves as expected (i.e. my manually calculated variable correlates positively with age, as do the variables loading in the component, while the SPSS calculated object scores give the exact opposite results: a negative correlation with age). This makes me think there is a problem with how the system deals with the CATPCA object scores.
Anyone encoutered this before, or has an alternative explanation as to why this may happen? Of course, I am using the same variables to calculate both scores.
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    Re: CATPCA Object Scores: possible bug?

    I searched our bug database but did not see any CATPCA bugs that fit the description of your problem. It would be helpful if you could submit a case to to SPSS Technical Support,
    and send them a copy of the data (including the saved object scores), your output (.spv) file and the steps that you used to mechanically compute the object scores.
    David Matheson
    IBM SPSS Support