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Pinned topic Problems with VariableResolver in JSF1.2 on Websphere V8.0.

‏2012-11-12T09:20:39Z |

We customized some jsf pages like this:
<cw:outputText value="#{this.username}"/>

A VariableReolver has been created to simply replace the 'this' by the bean name.
'username' is just a property of the bean and cw:outputText is simply a custom component inheriting from standard HtmlOutputText.
This resolver is defined in the faces-config.xml in the application deployed :


This works perfectly with Websphere V7, but with Websphere v8 we get the following error:

09/11/12 17:13:07:942 CET 00000048 webapp E logServletError SRVE0293E: Servlet Error-[/policyenforcer/pages/pwdCredentialsUpdat
ePage.jsp]: JSPG0227E: Exception caught while translating /policyenforcer/pages/pwdCredentialsUpdatePage.jsp:
/policyenforcer/pages/pwdCredentialsUpdatePage.jsp(58,5) --> JSPG0122E: Unable to parse EL function #{this.username}.

It seems that the JSP pages are validated before the use of resolver.
Could it be possible to either by-pass this validation or to execute it after the execution of the VariableResolver ?
Remark that we have choosen the JSF implementation of SunRI1.2 in Websphere.

Thanks in advance for your help,

PS: I attached here the VariableResolver.