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Pinned topic Super beginner needs help. Starting IBM Content Analytics.

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Hi all IBMers,
I am a student, currently an intern in a school. I am at the last phase of my intern. I was tasked to explore about IBM cognos 10.1 and i successfully completed that. As my supervisor is pleased with my work.
I am further asked to help him explore on IBM Content Analytics, hopefully a simple demo to the department. Can it integrate with my cognos 10?
I did not come across Content Analytics before, never even know of its existence till now(pardon me for my ignorance).
Can someone please help me? I am thinking to install it on Windows Server 2008 r2. What version of Content Analytics should i install? Where to get it? Any detailed guides for me to follow so that i can able to produce a demo of the software within a week?

Please provide some assistance to me. I am a total beginner.
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    Re: Super beginner needs help. Starting IBM Content Analytics.

    I'm not sure how to advise you here. of course it does integrate with Cognos 10 but ICA is not freely downloadable in an evaluation version or something like that. IBM does work with universities for education grants but we would have to work with that group to identify the proper representative at IBM that works with your university. Where are you attending?