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Pinned topic Question on MQ FSH, MQ Connections and domains

‏2012-11-12T03:04:44Z |
I have a single Datapower domain with two MPGW's. Each MPGW has an MQ front side handler for input against the same MQ queue manager. Each MPGW reads from a different local queue definition. The MQ queue manager object has been configured with a total connection limit of 50. Each of the front side handlers has been configured with the number of concurrent MQ connections set at 10. The idea was that each MPGW would open 10 connections to MQ and run 10 concurrent threads. I don't want either to have priority over the other, processing should be equal. The appliance is an XI50, firmware, Websphere MQ 7.

I find the following....
1. The 10 on the front side handler seems to be an initial count. Looking at our MQ monitor, it appears the front side handler will go past that number of MQ connections.
2. I haven't been able to deduce how the appliance shares resources between the 2 MPGW's. On occasion, both input queues have a backlog of messages to process. One MPGW seems to "hog" the appliance, processing rapidly, whilst the queue depth on the other queue only drops slowly. Then, on other occaisons the reverse is true. Looking at the system status page via the appliance UI, load doesn't eveer go past about %25.

The doc seems a little sparse on the detail of how MQ connection limits and front side handler concurrency limits contribute to the operation of an MPGW. How are the connections allocated or re-used ??. Should I be concerned about putting two MPGW's against the same queue manager in the same domain, should they be separated ??

Can anyone point me to articles, notes etc. on this topic.