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Pinned topic Upgrade of Worklight Server 5 fails

‏2012-11-11T09:25:04Z |
I am trying to upgrade worklight server 5 on a Windows 2008 server VM image, using Install Manager.
Install Manager fails with excpetion
Looking at the details log in C:\ProgramData\IBM\Installation Manager\logs\DownloadExceptions, I can see:

<message> <key>Exception 
} during 
}.$HttpClientStatusException: Forbidden (403) </key> <arg>Download http:
// to C:\Temp\cicdip_Administrator\1352624836876\v\md5\57fc11a2a59dd3ebf5e728d7e72a0133_md5~2116ef3772251879e2e569515ca7a27a (2189 bytes) </arg> <arg>$HttpClientStatusException: Forbidden (403)</arg> </message>

I do not have configured the update URL myself; it just uses the preconfigured one.
Apparently I do not have permission to download from the preconfigured update site.
How can I get permission ? Is there an update repository site that works for all users ?

Thanks, Daniel
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    Re: Upgrade of Worklight Server 5 fails

    I am not certain what would cause the error that you are seeing, or if you are still dealing with this issue. But an alternative approach would be to download the fix pack through Fix Central, and then apply it from the local copy. Here is a page that discusses applying Worklight fix packs that includes a section for Fix Central:


    Tom Dressel