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Pinned topic Cisco 3012 switches, IBMs site does not have newest firmware

‏2012-11-10T22:15:47Z |
I have two Cisco 3012 switches in the back of my IBM Bladecenter. They are running IOS 12.2.55 which I downloaded from IBMs site. This is the latest version of this software posted on this site. There are two problems here:

1. This is not the newest version of code for these switches. Cisco's site has 12.2.58

2. Cisco's site also has the Crypto and non Crypto version of code while IBMs site only contains the non Crypto version. What this means is I have to manage these switches with Telnet instead of SSH. Our standard is to manage all switches with a secure connection

I cannot download the newest code from Cisco's site without a valid support contract with Cisco. When is IBM going to made this code available?
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    Re: Cisco 3012 switches, IBMs site does not have newest firmware

    IBM does not offer every single version of IOS from Cisco for the product. The version available on Fix Central is the latest version supported by IBM. If you wish to download code from Cisco, you will need a Cisco support contract.

    A Crypto version of IOS v12.2-55.SE is also available from IBM at this link