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When installing ILMT 7.5 how do the tables get created once the database is built. Where do the DDLs for creating the database reside. Does the database gets populated when the ILMT server is installed.

Bharan B
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    Re: Database DDL Scripts


    The database creation scripts are being unpacked and launched from '<LMT-dir>/admin/db' directory, e.g. '/opt/IBM/LMT/admin/db':
    * <LMT-dir>/admin/db - common sqls and bat/sh scripts
    * <LMT-dir>/admin/db/db2 - new database creation + db population with initial database scripts
    * <LMT-dir>/admin/db/migration - database migration scripts from some old to current version used in case of tool upgrade

    The database is populated when the LMT database component is installed - when only the 'install administration server' option
    was used then TLMA database will not be created and populated with the initial data.

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