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Pinned topic SUA Drill Down by Software - Add Columns

‏2012-11-09T19:05:57Z |
Regarding the columns:
Used 1 week ago
Used 2 weeks ago
Used 3 weeks ago
Used 4 weeks ago

I would like to add:
Used 8 weeks ago
Used 12 weeks ago
Used 16 weeks ago

Does anyone know where I can find instructions to do that - or if you have a quick answer, it would be much appreciated.
I'm also happy to build this report in the console, but I can't find an example I can follow (I'll need that).

Thanks to all...
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    Re: SUA Drill Down by Software - Add Columns

    You will need to go to the Control Panel in SUA, then click on Last Used Intervals. Create your additional time frames. Go back to the Application section, click on a report that you would like to view, once is displayed, click on Filter & Columns, then the Columns tabs, you should see your new time frames there, just check the ones you want and click Apply or Save and Apply