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Pinned topic COBOL/DB2 programs scanning in RAA

‏2012-11-09T19:04:22Z |
Issue: I have three issues but putting them on one post because they are all related.
a) SQLCA copy book is not present in any of our DB2 library(generated by DB2 pre processor) so STDSQL(YES) option not working and default is STDSQL(NO) looking into RAA libraries so I added SQLCA copy book to one the common libraries so that I can find it..which it did in most case but some failed even after that. Is this the only option ?
attached is Program with SQLCA compiled with enterprise option and found the copy book but failed with ton of errors

b) We use RAASYNC to load artifacts how do we identify COBOL-DB2 programs because they fail with default scanner in some cases and I have to pick them up again manually to scan them with enterprise COBOL editor . Surprisingly most of DB2 program go to complete status with default/propprietary scanner than using enterprise option. So when should we use Enterprise and when should I use other options ?
Note: Non-DB2 COBOL programs which compile fine with default scanner are failing when I use enterprise option not sure why

c) With enterprise COBOL option all the programs with DB2(SQLCA) are failing in our site with these errors. Which means I don't have DB2 Catalog ? we never loaded DB2 catalogs yet or This is error related RAA meta data DB2 ?
1: RC=12 RC=12 TYPE=COBOL IGYDS0210: (ECEVTCOM, line:0) SQL1060N User "SYSTEM " does not have the CONNECT privilege. SQLSTATE=08004
2: RC=8 RC=8 TYPE=COBOL DMH3026E: Data error in SYSADATA file. There is a possibility that some error occured during compilation.
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    Re: COBOL/DB2 programs scanning in RAA

    This is what I had to do to correct the issue with enterprise COBOL Compiler if anyone want to share there issues with enterprise COBOL compiler they can add to this thread.
    a)Addded SQLCA copy book to one of the common libraries used by all application - RAA did find the copy book now
    b) Enterprise COBOL compiler uses UserID "SYSTEM"( version or "WASADMIN"( to do the DB2 preprocessor step ( by connecting to some DB2 Catlog on the window server) but these User names are not there in any of our installation systems( WAS or DB2 or Windows ) so after some research I added these users to the DB2 group of RAA DB2 DMHDB and the some how the compiler started working fine now . I can compile all my COBOL DB2 Program fine now.
    c) Compiler is a DLL file we cannot update so how to manage these hard coded userid within the compiler and why these steps are missing in the installation is big ? to me.