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‏2012-11-09T19:00:21Z |
I have a TPM Master server running at a main office and want to build some child servers here, then move them out to their field locations fully replicated (as bandwidth is an issue). I have built and fully replicated a child server, but when I take it to the new location and give it a new IP address, the IBM Tivoli OS Deployment Service will not start. It generates error codes 41 and 1.

OSD Server Service Error: "The IBM Tivoli OS Deployment Server service terminated with service-specific error 41 (0x29)."
The Web Extension Error: "The IBM Tivoli Web Interface Extension service terminated with service-specific error 1 (0x1)."

I have updated the config.csv file on both the Master and Child with the new IP of the child and restarted the service on both, but it still will not start on the child. I have also tried rebooting both.

If I change the IP back, then everything is fine. Is there a process to changing and IP address on a child server?