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Pinned topic [Announcement] ICT Q&A session - ILMT 7.5 - Fix Pack 1 Content

‏2012-11-09T18:52:18Z |

The ILMT Central Team would like to announce that the coming questions and answers session will contain an overview of Fix Pack 1 content.

We are going to expose the scope of the following features that were added to ILMT 7.5 functionality:

License Metric Tool version 7.5 Fix Pack 1:
  • Support for resource value unit (RVU) licensing
  • Service providers functionality
  • Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) virtualization technology

This 9th Question & Answer session will take place on 15th of November. How successful this event will be depends also on you. Therefore, we kindly ask you to find some time to attend. Also feel free to forward this invitation to anyone who may be interested.

Series of Events:
ICT Questions & Answers session

Customers and IBMers

IBM License Metric Tool 7.5 - Fix Pack 1 Content

Introduction to the subject + live demo + answering questions

Thursday, 15 November 2012

PST 8:00-9:00 Los Angeles
MST 9:00-10:00 Denver
CST 10:00-11:00 Houston
EST 11:00-12:00 New York
UTC/GMT 16:00-17:00
GMT 16:00-17:00 London
CET 17:00-18:00 Warsaw
MSK 20:00-21:00 Moscow

We are going to expose the scope of the following features that were added to ILMT 7.5 functionality:

License Metric Tool version 7.5 Fix Pack 1:
  • Support for resource value unit ( RVU ) licensing
  • Service providers functionality
  • Kernel-based Virtual Machine ( KVM ) virtualization technology


If you want to attend this ICT Q&A session, please send us ( an e-mail and we will provide you all the credentials to access the web conference and the teleconference.

Additional Info:
Please send any questions or expectations regarding the topic of the session to us if you already have such. We will include them in the presentation.

During the session ILMT experts will be available for you on the web conference chat. You will be able to ask questions regarding ILMT at any time during the session. The chat will be private so the users will not see one another and will see only their own posts and answers to them. Depending on time availability, questions related to the subject and questions repeated by multiple participants will be read and answered to the whole audience. Other questions will be answered by the experts either via the conference chat or after the session by mail.

Therefore please provide your real name, e-mail address and company name during the login. In order to assure the high quality of our Q&A sessions, we may verify whether the login information has been correctly provided and we reserve the right to ask anyone whom we are not able to identify to leave the session. If for some reason (e.g. incorrectly working built-in e-mail field check of your browser) you are not able to insert your e-mail address, please leave the field blank and provide an address on the chat.

If we are not able to answer all of your questions during the main session, we can hold a follow-up session a week later. Such a session will be devoted exclusively to answering those questions.

The main session will not be recorded, however its content enriched by the questions from the audience will be recorded afterwards (off-line). That recording will be available to download from the ILMT Wiki as soon as it is created.

Please turn off any Pop-up blocker in your web browser while joining the web conference. The poll functionality, that is used during the conference, uses Pop-up window to communicate with the audience. Having Pop-ups blocked prevents the web conference from continuing the presentation show when the poll is over.
Known workaround (to use after the poll is finished): refreshing the page (F5 or Ctrl+r) or re-logging to the web conference.

Michal Klak
ILMT Central Team
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